50 of the best oil & gas blogs and news sites

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In the course of setting up this blog we’ve had to do lots of research into the oil and gas sector online. We used Inkybee to do this and here we present a list of the top oil and gas blogs and news sites that we’ve found so far.

The list below contains a wide range of informative sites with something for everyone. There’s great student efforts such as YoungPetro and interesting personal blogs such as Industri Migas. There’s also the familiar big names as well as some lively corporate blogs from companies such as DrillingInfo and Schneider Electric. We’ve left out some of the larger sites that are behind pay walls.

Rankings are based on a combination of how visible the site is on the internet, how engaged the audience is with the content, and how relevant the content is to a corpus of oil and gas industry keywords. The methodology for compiling this list gives more info if you’re interested.

We’d love to hear your comments on any of this (at the bottom of this page). Please also give as suggestions for anything we’ve missed.

Anyway, enjoy the list! You can use the drop down menu below to sort it in other ways.

Disclaimer: We’re not endorsing any of these sites, nor do we have business connections with any of them. We’ve merely published this listing for general sector interest and for your feedback.

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